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Forevermore: Nuclear Waste in America

"This chilling book by two investigative reporters makes an absorbing attack on nuclear waste management in America — a chronicle, as written here, of scientific blunders, of criminal behaviour by industry, of ineptitude and cover-up by politicians, of incompetence and impotence on the part of regulators and lawmakers and of man's inability to recognize his limitations." — The Economist

"factual, gripping and scary — a sort of open-ended scientific morality tale of the 20th century." — The State, Columbia, SC

"Barlett and Steele. . .have a grasp of the issues far beyond what one usually gets in books dealing with environmental hazards." — Newsday

"This book. . .is a thoroughly researched and just as thoroughly frightening account of our nation's so far futile efforts to find a safe way to dispose of nuclear wastes." — Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Their book gives us the focus to ask and expect answers from our leaders — national, state and local. Forevermore should be obligatory reading for both sides begging the question." — Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"In an odyssey that took them 20,000 miles and sent them wading through 125,000 pages of documents, the reporters uncovered chaos — case after case of bureaucratic bungling —and a dismal litany of duplicity, false hopes, false promises. And they sound an ominous warning." — Chicago Tribune

"The authors did a heroic job of studying the subject, burrowing into 40-year-old government files and visiting scores of places where radioactive waste is stored." — Pittsburgh Press

"This is an alarming book. I wish I could say that it is sensationalist, that its findings are exaggerated. But I cannot say that at all." — St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"One of the 100 best science books of the year." — Library Journal